Bringing our community together

Opening times

We're open 10.30am - 4.30pm Wednesday to Saturday. Why not come in and enjoy our delicious menu?

Find us here. We look forward to meeting you!

Welcome to Monkey Park!

We're not just a cafe & bakery - we're aiming to provide a new focus for the community:

  • A space where people can meet, laugh, eat
  • A space where people can talk and dream
  • A space to discover what's happening locally
  • A launchpad for us all to create a better Brampton...

We are a social enterprise, what does that mean?

Certified Circle Badge.png

Basically it means we are a 'not for profit' business. Our purpose is to improve the local community by bringing people together & supporting their efforts to change the area. We employ and pay people for jobs they do at Monkey Park & strive to make sure we're enhancing the local community economy. We have already created 5 part time jobs for local people. There are at present seven directors also drawn from the local area. These are all presently voluntary posts. All profit must go back into the business or community. Should the business fail any assets will be transferred to another local social enterprise - the Inspire Community Garden.

We are starting to plan wider community initiatives to build local community and business and we hope you will support us in our vision.