We are a social enterprise, what does that mean?

Basically it means we are a 'not for profit' business. We can employ and pay people for jobs they do at Monkey Park - we have already created 8 jobs ranging from one day to five days a week. There are at present four directors. They are all voluntary posts but individual directors could be paid to provide a service to Monkey Park such as bid writing or even working in the cafe. What the directors can't do is build up a business and then sell it walking away with the profit. All profit must go back into the business or community. Should the business fail any assets will be transferred to other local social enterprises.

At the moment we are still converting the rest of the upstairs into co-work space and any profit is ploughed into that. We have a lease on the property for 3 years during which time we have an agreement to buy it for £170,000. Once we have trading figures for a number of months we will be applying for a mortgage to buy.

We are starting to plan wider community initiatives to build local community and business and we hope you will support us in our vision.