Workspace Phase 2 goes live

Chesterfield’s first coworking space triples in size

Dedicated shared office space can now accommodate up to 25 people at a single time
Offers flexible and affordable office space to entrepreneurs, freelancers and telecommuters

Lonely entrepreneurs, freelancers and telecommuters working from home in Chesterfield need no longer be frustrated following the completion of expansion work at Monkey Park Works, the town’s first dedicated coworking space.

A team of volunteers and skilled tradespeople have completed the second phase of renovation work at the former tile warehouse, tripling the capacity of the shared office space above the Monkey Park cafe, bakery and cycle repair workshop on Chester Street in Brampton.

With more than 1,000 square feet of modern office space, there is now capacity for up to 50 members, who work alongside each other using a combination of open plan and cubicle seating.

Membership is very flexible, ranging from one day a week to full time. 15 people currently use the shared workspace on a regular basis, including staff working for mobile app developer 7DayTek , technology consultancy Systems Makers , PR and digital communications agency Roaring Mouse and several freelancers.

Simon Redding, cofounder and director of Monkey Park, comments: “We are delighted to complete the second phase of building work at Monkey Park Works. We now have a thoroughly modern working environment, supplied with superfast internet, that provides small businesses with a cost effective alternative to traditional offices and people who would otherwise work from home with a sociable substitute to the kitchen table.” “Although we are only nine months old, we’ve already become a hub for digital & creative businesses and charities in the Chesterfield area. They appreciate being able to use the coworking space to collaborate and be part of a working community. People are using the space to trade internationally and bring new opportunities back to Chesterfield and we are keen to foster more startups and other social enterprises that can create new jobs and new opportunities locally. As we’re a community nonprofit, we’ll also be using the income from the workspace to support the local area.”

For more information or a high resolution image please contact:

Simon Redding
Monkey Park
01246 235815